Merchants Benefit Administration (MBA) was founded in 1997 for the sole purpose of developing an administration tool that would assist in its development of products being offered. In 1990 MBA developed one of the first Group Retiree Medical plans for all size businesses. This program has since blossomed into a premier Retiree Medical plan sold in 36 states. MBA felt there was and is a great need for a strong medical plan for Retirees in the United States that individuals and employers can count on for quality high level benefits. With this goal in mind, MBA could see that there was a strong need for solid business partner. In 2008 MBA partnered with GTL to insure the risk. This has given the MBA Seniors Choice Group Retiree Medical plan stability in the marketplace. Now with multiple deductible plan options to choose from, it fits the medical needs of most consumers. MBA is a full service TPA handling all front-end administration which includes billing, collecting and customer service. In addition MBA handles the back-end administration which includes dental claims, provider services and payments. With superior technology, MBA has developed some of the best on-line member tools in the industry today.